Diane Carr

In 1971 a dragon statue was constructed near the East Coast of Florida on the southernmost tip of Merritt Island. This enormous creature, created from twenty tons of cement and steel, stood thirty-five feet high and sixty-five feet long. Guarding the Indian and Banana River lagoon from her perch on Dragon Point, ‘Annie’ was a favorite landmark for both locals and boaters everywhere. But one day, the dragon was gone…

Once in a great while, a dragon is chosen to live in secret among humans in order to complete its “quest.” The journey may be long and difficult, but dragons are taught that perseverance is well worth the wait.

Annie’s quest is to discover the hidden location of the ‘barnacle encrusted cave’ which is the entrance to ‘Dragon Island’ and the home of her family. Stuck in a cement statue by day and alive only at night complicates her journey, but Annie never gives up hope. She is willing to search the wildest, deepest parts of the Indian and Banana Rivers, forever, if that’s what it takes!

Mother/daughter team Diane Carr and Kira Earley serendipitously discovered they could write together. When Diane took a break from writing this story to play with the dogs in the backyard, Kira sat down at the computer and wrote the ending and epilogue. Diane loved what Kira wrote and decided to turn the story into a team effort. This unexpected collaboration of imagination is what sparked the co-creation of “River Dragon, A Real Florida Fairy Tale.”

About River Dragon ~ A Real Florida Fairytale