Diane Carr

About Freedom's Dragonflight

Join Freedom and his sisters Joy, Charity, and Sunshine in this exciting sequel to River Dragon ~ A Real Florida Fairy Tale. Leaving the comfort of Dragon Island and returning to Florida was not the hatchling’s first choice but, “Every dragon on earth has his or her own quest” and the siblings were no exception. Freedom and his sisters are challenged by the great distances separating them but are excited to discover that birds, alligators, and dragonflies are just a few of the allies that help them through their life journey.

 This environmentally themed story introduces the unique language of Mind-Speak and the Dragonweb network, which become crucial components to their success. Sidetracked by a kindred spirit, the unveiled truth rocks their world. A myriad of unexpected twists and turns bring a mystical synergy to this coming-of-age journey, keeping readers on the edge of their seat. Imagine hoping on a dragon and flying across deep waters, swimming with dolphins, or traipsing through the unknown wilds of Florida. Keep a close eye while the fledgling dragons search for the mystical, elusive portal, which is the entrance to their homeland. Then hold your breath as Freedom faces his deepest fear, a terrifying encounter with the evil dragon Leviathan, and an unexpected transformation.