Diane Carr

FREE Interactive Read Aloud Guide

This teacher's guide for Freedom's Dragonflight will help you through an instructional, interactive read aloud in the classroom.  It can help you weave through your unit of study of Florida.  Both Freedom's Dragonflight and the accompanying Activity & Coloring Book are wonderful tools to use for English Language Arts, Development Language Arts, and Science.

Freedom’s Dragonflight Activity & Coloring Book

Includes thirty original and imaginative illustrations plus six engaging activity pages for hours of entertainment. Children six to twelve will love this companion to Freedom’s Dragonflight, which offers opportunities to color their favorite characters and explore story-related vocabulary words with a Crossword Puzzle, Word Scramble, Word Search, and Complete the Sentence. Inspire creativity with a page to “Draw Your Own Dragon" and be pro-active with kid-friendly suggestions for "How to Help Your Environment.".

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